1. How to tell if my gh is dosed correctly or if indeed it has gh in it.

Answer: There are various ways of checking if your Gh is good or not. Serum testing for HGH and IGF is an approximate indicator of finiding out if there is a reasonable amount of in the vials. This is not exact science but can give you a ball park figure of the amount of gh in a vial. The most reliable method is HPLC testing. Our suggestion is first rely on serum testing as its cheaper but if still in doubt than go with the HPLC method.

2. How soon will my order get shipped?

Answer. First we will collect your payment and once it is collected we usually ship within 2-3 working days after collection of funds. There might be some delay sometimes especially for domestic usa/eu orders but usually not too long.

3. How long is transit time for Internationally shipped orders?

Internationally shipped orders usually take 5-10 days for delivery after it is shipped but sometimes might take longer. But MOST of the shipping methods we use are faster.

4. Will I be informed once my order is shipped and will I get tracking for it?

Usually we will not give tracking but you can always request us and we will provide you one.

5. Do you offer reship policy incase of seizure.

Yes we do.