Multiple forms of payment are accepted

1.      Western Union.

2.      Money gram.

3.      Bitcoins.

4. Other cryptocurrencies like litecoin and ethereum are also accepted

Western Union.
Please always go to their office/outlet to send money and refrain from sending online, as online payments usually get rejected. Find the nearest Westernunion location at

Money Gram
This is a bit more strict than western union but still an available option. Again please make sure to go to an agent location to send money. Refrain from
sending online payment. Agent locations can be found at

This is a very good option to send money. You can easily purchase bitcoins from multiple methods. Most common option is via cryptocurrency exchanges. There are lots of exchanges all over the world that are used to purchase bitcoins. Depending on your location you can find the exchange which suits you the most. Here are some exchanges that are trustworthy in different parts of the world.

coinbase kraken gemini biffinex polonix

There are also decentralized exchanges likg BISQ

  • Bitflyer (Japanese):
    The biggest Exchange for Japan, with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.
  • BitHumb (Korean):
    It’s the biggest Korean Exchange, with 9 cryptocurrency available for trade.


Method two: LibertyX
Download this APP and you can find local Bitcoins stores through this app, then you can buy bitcoins by bank card or cash at the stores, the limit is 1000usd per day. is also a good way to buy bitcoins